Food Service

Lunch menu
The Gateway Regional School District Food Services program offers nutritional breakfast and lunch options for all of our students.  We use local foods whenever possible and bake many items on our menu from scratch.
Lunch and Breakfast
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Meal prices for the 2018-2019 school year:
     $1.50 for breakfast (all grades)
     $2.60 for elementary lunch
     $2.85 for grades 5-12
     $  .50 for milk purchased alone
Adult meals are $2.00 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch.
Families May Qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. If your child qualifies for free or reduced meals, they might also be eligible for free or reduced cost health insurance through Mass Health. Call 1-800-841-2900 to learn more.
Charging Privileges.

Gateway’s school nutrition staff are passionate about ensuring students have access to healthy school meals to support academic achievement.  “No one wants to see a child go hungry or feel any shame during mealtime-we dedicate our lives to providing access to healthy, balanced meals to all students.  Cafeteria staff has no desire to deny any child the opportunity to eat a meal in the GRSD Cafeteria’s. WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT TAKE A MEAL AWAY FROM A STUDENT. As participants in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, we work diligently to enroll all eligible students in the free or reduced price meal program.  Federal funds cover the costs of enrolled students, but we need to charge non-enrolled students to help cover food and labor costs. Parents and school administrators must work together to strike a balance and develop meal charging procedures that respect students, while preventing escalating unpaid meal debts.

The following privileges/procedures will take effect SY18.

High School:  All students are presumed to be responsible enough to bring money with them daily or pre-pay their meals.

Middle SchoolMiddle School Students are also presumed to be responsible enough to bring money with them daily.  However we recognized that they may forget on occasion.  Students will be allowed to charge 1 meal to be paid the next day

 The student will take the responsibility to check his/her meal account and will not take a meal and try to charge if there is a negative balance.

Chester and Littleville Elementary:  The computerized point of sale tracks those accounts that have a negative balance.  Notices will be sent home on Fridays. If your child owes money to the cafeteria we would appreciate your prompt response.  If after ten days of charging and no payment has been made, the parent is responsible for sending their child with a meal from home. If the student brings no meal; he/she will be given a cold sandwich, fruit, veggie and milk.  There will be a charge to the students account.   Parents, Principal and Classroom teacher will be notified on the day the student is to receive the substitute lunch.

If parents need to work out a payment plan, call the Cafeteria Manager.  You also may at any time request a free and reduced meal application if your income has changed. GRSD offers an online payment service.

The Gateway Regional Food and Nutrition Dept. is self-supporting, all monies needed to operate come from daily revenues and state and federal subsidies. Therefore charging is discouraged.

Meals May Be Paid Online

    Parents have the convenience of paying online.  Click here to make a payment.

Notice of Payment Options 
Please note that you will have the option to pay in one of the following two methods:  
  1. ACH (electronic check) via UniBank's Secured Website.  There is a $0.25 charge per transaction when utilizing this payment option.  Funds will be credited to the students account on the second business day following the transaction date. IMPORTANT:  When entering a routing number, do not use a deposit slip to verify the number because it may contain your Financial Institution's Internal routing numbers that are not part of the actual ABA Routing Number.  Check with your financial institution to verify the correct routing number. 

  2. Credit card via UniBank's Secured WebSite.  Funds will be credited to the students account on   the third business day following the transaction date.  Per transaction fees are charged by the credit card provider on a sliding scale basis, as follows:

           Unibank's Secure Website

Gateway Has an Approved Wellness Policy.

       Wellness Policy

All food services staff are Food Safe Certified.  Anyone who has questions about the Gateway Food Services Department should call Tasha Hartley, Food Services Director at (413) 685-1005.