School Choice Information

The Gateway Regional School District welcomes school choice students at all grade levels.

We offer:

  • State-Of-The-Art Facilities, all featuring wireless Internet access;
  • A commitment to educating the "Whole Child" - including offering art, music and physical education at all levels;
  • Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals in all classrooms;
  • Safe learning environments and small class sizes, offering personal attention to student needs;
  • A technology integration program that was named one of the top 6 in the country, that includes laptop computers, hand-helds, smart boards and distance learning;
  • Health care and dental services provided in all schools through programs with Hilltown Community Health Centers, Inc.

Chester and Littleville Elementary Schools:

  • A full time principal, nurse, secretary and adjustment counselor in each school;
  • Before and After School Wrap Around Programs 
  • Research-proven Reading and Math Programs
  • After School Mini-Courses with fun, hands-on activities


Gateway Regional Middle School:

  • Research-proven Reading and Math Programs;
  • Fun, hands-on after-school and summer programs;
  • Massachusetts Model for Counseling Services;
  • Award-winning Playwright Program with Chester Theater Company;


Gateway Regional Jr. High School:

  • "Teaming Concept";
  • Numerous electives as part of the curriculum (visual and performing arts, world language);
  • One-to-One Laptop Lease Program;
  • Massachusetts Model for Counseling Services;
  • Jr. High students can participate in high school athletics;
  • Laptops in all classrooms;


Gateway Regional Sr. High School:

  • Fully accredited in 2007, with no areas of warning;
  • One-to-One Laptop Lease Program;
  • Massachusetts Model for Counseling Services;
  • On-line courses available and paid by the district;
  • Specialized programs in welding and biotechnology;
  • Athletic programs include soccer, cross-country running, gymnastics, basketball, wrestling, downhill skiing, softball and baseball;
  • Intramural and Club Sports include lacrosse and volleyball;