Alumni play an important role in supporting the Gateway Regional School District. Those who live within the district hilltowns are frequently seen at concerts, athletic events, and even annual town meetings to cheer, vote and voice their support for the school district. Many  parents of our current students are also alumni, as are youth sports coaches, scout leaders, and other volunteers. Recent alumni also return each year for "College Week"--held annually on the day before Thanksgiving. Alumni are invited to speak with current students about the college they are attending or branch of the military they are serving in. (This event may be done as a college fair or as a college panel presentation. If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please call 685-1107 to register in October).

Alumni are also growing supporters of the Gateway Education Foundation, which formed in 2011 to raise funding to increase educational opportunities for Gateway students. Please visit the Foundation's website for more information. 

We also have a special Facebook page for Gateway alumni, where we post pictures from the past on "Throwback Thursdays" and where alumni are invited to post upcoming events (such as the Annual Alumni Soccer Game and class reunions). Please "Like" us on Facebook so you can stay informed!