The "District Agreement" is the document that outlines the relationship between the towns and the school district.

The following items contain the current policies of the Gateway School District as established and adopted by the Gateway School Committee. The policies are broken down according to the Code-Finder Index established by the National School Boards Association. As an overview this index sorts policies in the following manner:
  Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments - Policies
  Section B: School Board Governance and Operations - Policies
  Section C: General School Administration- Policies
  Section D: Fiscal Management - Policies
  Section E: Support Services - Policies
  Section F: Facilities Planning and Development - Policies
  Section G: Personnel - Policies
  Section H: Negotiations - Policies
  Section I: Instruction - Policies
  Section J: Students - Policies
  Section K: School-Community Relations - Policies
  Section L: Education Agency Relations - Policies

School Climate and Bullying Information:
   Bullying Plan - As approved by State DESE
   Bullying Investigation Forms (1)
   Bullying Chart (2)
   Bullying Log (3)
   Facebook and Social Network Policy - As approved by school committee