Fun With Math at Littleville Elementary School!

Family Fun at Math Night

Huntington Littleville was full of math fun and excitement on Tuesday, April 3 when 85 students and families arrived to take part in a Family Math Night.

Organized by elementary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teacher Ginny Lee, the event was divided into two levels. Families from Kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 attended an hour-long session that began at 4:30 p.m. Families of students in grades 3-5 had their event start at 5:45. As they arrived, families picked up their packets or grade level activities and reported to different areas in the school to learn and practice the activities created to help students with number sense and calculations. A number of Littleville teachers were on hand, supported by members of the high school’s National Honor Society and other upper grade students.

Games—named Cross Out, War, Build a Tower, Yankee Grab, “I’m the Greatest”, Close Call, and many more—featured colorful math game boards and used everyday items, such as playing cards, dice, white boards and pennies.

Parent Susan LeBarron wrote to Principal Megan Coburn and the Gateway Education Foundation the following day to express her appreciation. “In both groups I saw all the families having fun playing the games together with the help of the high school students for the full hour (after going to school or work all day!).”

“The school could have just sent the packets home in the homework folder and asked the parents to work on them with their kids. Instead the school chose to and was able to bring the community together and get everyone excited about math. It was great to be part of this family engagement.”

Before leaving, families reported to the main entrance to receive kits with the materials needed to continue the fun (while practicing math!) at home. Kits included white boards and dry erase markers, different kinds of dice and playing cards, along with colorful, laminated games and charts, created by Lee for the program.

Families also signed a huge thank you card for the Board of the Gateway Education Foundation, which funded the project through a Funds for Learning application submitted by Lee. The Littleville PTO provided the refreshments and Mohegan Sun Arena donated number cubes and playing cards for the kits.


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