The bus schedule for the 2013-2014 school year (updated 8/30/13) Is now posted. Pick up times on the schedule are approximate and students are asked to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes early for the first day of school. 

School opens Tuesday, September 3, 2013 for Gateway students. This will be a full day of school.

Gateway's School Bus Transportation Policy explains ho
w walkers and riders are determined, bus stops are selected, bus routes are scheduled, and more.  The full policy is available on this website.

Bus stops and schedules are subject to change during the course of the school year. Some of the roads in our rural school district may not be safe for school buses in the winter months. In these instances, the district and bus company designate winter bus stops as a safer alternative. These stops will be posted on the district website in early November.

Riding the school bus is a right that is dependent upon good behavior.  The Gateway Regional School District has specific rules governing student conduct on the bus, and consequences for violating those rules. Misconduct may be serious enough to result in the loss of bus privileges, and the full policy on Student Discipline and Bus Cards is posted on this website.

Parents making arrangements for their child's daycare before or after school should contact their child's school and provide a note for the school secretary on the first day of school. Transportation to daycare providers is permitted as long as it does not overload the bus or cause the bus to deviate from its original route. Due to reductions in buses in recent years, the district has a transportation policy for daycare.  This policy requires that daycare arrangements must be consistent Monday-Friday, 5 days a week in the morning and/or afternoon. Click for the daycare transportation request form.  

For questions or problems with transportation, please contact the Business Office at 685-1016.