How to Find Out What's Happening at Gateway

1. Explore this website--visit the school sites under the "Select a School" drop-down menu. Be sure to check out the monthly calendars on the district website and on the school websites.

2. Subscribe to Breaking News (just email

3. For elementary parents: review the materials in your weekly Red Folder.

4. For Grade 5 - 12 parents: sign-up for online access to monitor your student's grades. Find out if they are completing their assignments on time--before progress notes are issued.

5. Check out your child's classroom website.

6. For Gateway Sports Fans: Click Here to go to the high school sports schedule (posted at ).

7. Pick up the Friends of Gateway Phone Directory--available at the security office on the Gateway campus, and sent home earlier this year to elementary households in red folders. Communicate with your child's teachers!

8. Attend parent-teacher conferences and school special events.

9. Volunteer in your child's school. Consider serving on the School Council, PTO, Parent Center, Booster Clubs, School Committee, School Climate PAC, Friends of Gateway, Health Advisory Committee, or other group. Chaperone a field trip! Contact Wendy Long ( ) for more information.

10. Make sure your school records are up-to-date. Important messages will be phoned and/or emailed to the contacts that you listed. When your phone number or email address changes, please contact your child's school with updated information.

11. Attend meetings and workshops. Sit in on a school committee meeting--they meet in each district town at least once a year. Attend workshops as they are offered to parents.

12. If you live in a community that has cable television, review the community bulletin board. Many residents in Chester, Huntington and Russell have access to this information.