"This I Believe" Podcast - Gr. 11







"This I Believe" Podcasts - Ms. Bishop's 11 Grade, AP English, Spring 2017

These podcasts were created by students in Ms. Bishops AP English Class to explore a new form of expression, while also digging deep into their own, personal belief system, and examining how it informs who they are as students and as human beings...


  • Alex Auclair     Icon
  • Audrey Gamble     Icon
  • Calvin Rioux     Icon
  • Dawson Atkin     Icon
  • Eve Crane     Icon
  • Garrett Bean     Icon
  • Joe Coon     Icon
  • Megan, Chloe, Lindsae Icon
  • Michala Torres     Icon
  • Anna Davis     Icon
  • Guin Caswell     Icon
  • Jess Van Heynigen    Icon
  • Olivia Clark     mic-icon
  • Dakota Viel    mic-icon
  • Ryley Carlton    mic-icon
  • Allie Clark    mic-icon