High School Transcript Request Information

Any student who has turned 18, graduated or transferred from Gateway High School, and needs to obtain their high school transcript must send a written request to:

Gateway Regional High School, c/o Guidance Office, 12 Littleville Rd, Huntington, MA 01050.   

  • The letter must include your year of graduation, date of birth, name you attended under, address of where to send it, a phone number in case we need to contact you, and a $5.00 fee for each transcript.  
  • The $5.00 fee must be paid by check or money order at time of request.  
  • A  form can be completed in the guidance office and the $5.00 fee can be paid at that time by check or money order.   
  • If further information on this process is needed please feel free to call the guidance office at 413-685-1107.