Professional Development

2013-2014 Professional Development Updates


Our professional development focus is centered around the implementation of the new frameworks.  Massachusetts was one of 45 states to adopt the National Common Core.

Grades K-6 have completed Curriculum Maps for English Language Arts and Mathematics.  These grade levels are currently working on unit plans for the Mathematics.  Grades 7-12 are developing pacing guides and have started developing unit plans.  Teachers are working collaboratively and sharing ideas that will have positive results that will benefit our students.


In addition to the above curriculum work, we are in our 3rd year of implementing the Lucy Calkins Writing program in grades K-5.  Principals also participate in professional development in this program to ensure fidelity. The Lucy Calkins program provides the opportunity for students to write at the ambitious levels of the new frameworks.  It crafts instruction to accomplish this.

Grades K-6 are implementing a math program called Go Math. Professional development is provided for those teachers that are participating.

Through the Title IIA grant, teachers and administrators are also able to participate in workshops and conferences that connect to their goals.