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The Gateway District Librarian and District Library Aide, along with two teams of amazing volunteers, serve Chester and Littleville Elementary School Libraries, and the Central Library (providng access for the middle school and the high school).  


  • The Gateway Libraries Mission is foster a love of reading, imagining, and pursuing curiosity, and to connect students and staff at all levels to textual, digital, and human resouces of all kinds, including books, databases, web resources, and human resources, while guiding students to be critical evaluators of all resources and their validity.  We seek to do this, though providing an age-appropriate, scaffolded library program that allows students to master the skills necessary to be critical, independent and life-long consumers of language and information.



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General Research

Research Paper Resources

The Research Paper Writing Process (in a Nutshell)  (The "BIG-6", outlined):

Massachusetts State Library Database List:
Click here for alphabetical List: 

Massachusetts State Library Databases:
Visit the list and scroll-down alphabetically to find the database you're looking for:

  • Academic One-File:  General knowledge on a variety of topics.  All information vetted and reliable.
  • New York Times /  Boston Globe Newspaper Archives:  searchable archive of newspapers articles going back 20+ years
  • Opposing Viewpoints: In Context:   Offers a range of perspectives on important, current issues, and provides links to great resources on both sides of the argument.
  • US History:  In Context:  provides a variety of perspectives on events that have taken place in US history. is a search engine that filters out a most of the commercial sites and provides a relatively good list of resources to choose from.  It also breaks down the results into "clusters", or subject headings connected to your topic to help you narrow down your search.

Finding Library Non-Fiction Texts:

Creating a Citation for a Footnote or Bibliography: