Systemic Use of Data

A robust district literacy assessment framework is in place at Gateway.  Screening data is used to identify students in need of extra help.  Diagnostic data identifies specific learning needs in students who are experiencing difficulty. Interim data is used to monitor student progress.  Ongoing classroom data informs instruction.  Outcome data is used to determine if the literacy program is working. 


Explore assessment tools used at Gateway:

  • Running Records are used in kindergarten through fourth grade to identify reading level 
  • Benchmark Assessment  links assessment to instruction along The Continuum of Literacy Learning.
  • DIBELS Next is used to measure skills such as fluency and phonemic awareness in kindergarten through sixth grade. 
  • MAP   assessments are adaptive achievement tests in Mathematics, Reading, Language Usage, and Science that are taken on a computer.
  • Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test is used to assess vocabulary, comprehension, and reading levels as well as to screen for placement in high school courses in fifth through eighth grade. 
  • A wide selection of diagnostic assessments to identify the cause of reading problems for individual students experiencing significant difficulty reading in any grade.