Parent and Community Involvement

Parent involvement has been shown time and again to be a key ingredient to helping young people become successful readers, writers, and learners.  Youth who get the message from parents, guardians, and other adults in the community that literacy is important in and out of school are more likely to pay attention to their own development as readers, writers, and thinkers.

Parents/guardians can increase the motivation of young people toward developing literacy skills by:

  1. Talking with young people about their schoolwork, books or magazines they may be reading and current events.  
  2. Providing a “literacy rich” home environment that makes books, magazines, or newspapers easily available.  
  3. Reading daily to model good literacy behavior.    

Explore these websites for additional information about how to help students develop literacy skills:

Explore books available in our elementary libraries that are on author lists recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: