Breaking News - April 30, 2021

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April 30, 2021

Dear Friends of Gateway:

Here is your latest issue of Breaking News for the 2020-2021 school year! 

Quote of the week: “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” ~ Princess Diana

KINDERGARTEN 2021-2022 SCREENING INFORMATION: If you or someone you know has a child turning age 5 before September 1, 2021 please contact our elementary schools for more information and to register for kindergarten screening taking place in May. Blandford, Middlefield and Chester residents, contact Chester Elementary at 685-1360. Residents of Huntington, Russell, and Montgomery, contact Littleville Elementary at 685-1300. Click here for more information.

LIFE SKILLS 5K: Gateway's Life Skills Program and members of the Best Buddies Club will hold a 5k Fun Walk/Run on May 7th (rain date May 14).  This event will take place during school, and is not open to the public.  Although it is not open to the public, you can show your support by purchasing an event tee shirt or hooded long sleeve tee by contacting Stephanie Conway or Emily MacDonald at 685-1000.  Proceeds will benefit our Gateway Best Buddies club.  

LITTLEVILLE SILLY WALK: The 9th grade ECC students created a “Silly Walk” in front of Littleville for the elementary students to be able to use during mask breaks to get some exercise and have some fun following the silly walk instructions. 

EARLY RELEASE DATES: With the return to full in-person, the district modified the calendar to include four additional early release days. These will be May 12th, and May 26th. Our last day of school is currently scheduled for Tuesday, June 15th.

GATEWAY EDUCATION FOUNDATION PHOTO CONTEST: Gateway Education Foundation is having a fundraiser “Hilltown Highlights” photo contest. The cost to enter a photo is $5 and each vote costs $1. Any type of photo is accepted as long as it was taken in the hilltowns...pets, landscapes, farmlife, etc! The deadline to enter and vote is May 28th. Winners will be in a calendar that will feature the school calendar for the 2021-2022 school year. For more information, click here. 

UPDATED COVID CLOSE CONTACT INFORMATION: The Gateway School District COVID guidelines have been updated to reflect new information. Click here for the new guidelines. 

MIDDLE SCHOOL AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: Information was sent home with all middle school students about an after school program beginning on April 26. More information can be found here.

SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH: Gateway Regional School District School Committee voted to appoint Kristen Smidy (Westfield, MA, Principal, Hampshire Regional) as the next superintendent. Current superintendent Dr. David Hopson will be retiring following the 2020-21 school year.

RETURN TO IN-PERSON LEARNING: The Gateway Regional School District returned to a fully ‘in-person’ learning environment for kindergarten to 12th grades on Monday, April 5th. The daily schedule will remain as it currently is in terms of the starting and ending times for schools. Updated bus schedules are available on the district’s website. The middle and high schools will also remain on the current six-period daily schedule to maintain consistency with current classes and teachers. The goal is to provide as much consistency moving forward and to avoid as much disruption to child care as possible.

While the state has not mandated a full, all grades, return to school on April 5th, we understand the many difficulties that students and families have faced over the past year and want to provide as much equality and opportunity for every student. Everyone should understand that there will be changes in protocol to allow us to return to school in-person. These include:

  • a reduction from a 6-foot social distance to a 3-foot social distance for students (staff will remain at a 6-foot social distancing (these distances are reflective of CDC and DESE guidance)

  • lunches will be in cafeterias with plexiglass dividers

  • mask breaks will continue to be outside when the weather permits

  • masks will remain mandatory for everyone unless they have a documented medical reason

  • handwashing and hand sanitizing will be frequently required

  • desks will need to be shared throughout the day (particularly in the middle and high schools). 

  • social distancing will be greatly reduced on buses (two per seat) as per DESE guidelines.

Families that have concerns over the changes we must make to accomplish a full return to school can opt to have their own children remain remote (if families haven’t done this they can contact their student’s building office by March 31) and the district will continue to provide synchronous learning as we have during the use of the hybrid model. Families choosing to do remote learning will be expected to remain in remote learning mode for the remainder of the year. For families choosing in-person learning, please be aware that students must attend in-person unless unable to for medical or other excused purposes. 

The district will continue to monitor COVID cases in the school and work collaboratively with our local boards of health for contract tracing but it is possible that if we have an exposure at school that more of our students will be deemed to have been in ‘close contact’ and therefore may be subject to a quarantine period and COVID testing. The district will continue to report COVID cases and close contacts as we have throughout the year. 

As we will have students in closer proximity than we currently have, it will be even more important to monitor your children’s health and ensure that anyone having symptoms of COVID be kept at home. As we are coming up on our spring break, it will also be important to ensure that anyone who travels during this time fully complies with the Massachusetts travel regulations. As children are not able to be vaccinated at this time, it is very important to monitor their health during and after travel.




CURBSIDE MEALS TO GO UPDATE: We changed our Curbside Meals to Go hours to every Wednesday from 7am-8:45 am. Please continue to sign up every Monday for Wednesday meal pick up. We will be providing 5 breakfasts/5 lunches, every Wednesday, for families who are choosing to have their children remain in “Remote Learning” or for siblings, or any other unenrolled children up to the age of 18. All enrolled children who will be attending “In Person Learning” will NOT be eligible for Curbside meals because they will be offered meals while in school. Our staff at Gateway Food Services will continue to do our best to meet the needs of our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Tasha Hartley @ 685-1005 or email

PERSPECTIVES MAGAZINE: A new edition of the Gateway High School Perspectives magazine is ready to view! Take a lot at some of the exciting things happening here.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS: 14 students from eight schools around the region, including Gateway got together with the Southern Hilltown Domestic Violence Task Force to discuss their recent leadership group on healthy/abusive teen relationships. Here is video of their discussion about the training -

STUDENT ACTIVITY SURVEY: Gateway MS/HS is seeking interested volunteers to help expand the club/recreational opportunities for students grades 7-12.  Clubs could be either online through GoogleMeet or in person at the school (once COVID restrictions are lifted). If you would be interested in getting more information about this initiative or would like to volunteer, please complete this brief survey, or email MS/HS principal Jason Finnie at

MAY GATOR STORE PROMOTION: Throughout the month of May, we are offering 15% off on your Sideline Store purchase of $75 or more! The below promotion is good for the entire month of May. This will end on 5/31/21 at 11:59 P.M. EST. Start shopping here. 

EBT BENEFITS: P-EBT benefits will be extended through the rest of this school year. If your student qualifies for Free or Reduced meals under the National School Lunch Program, then they would qualify to receive this extra financial help each month in the form of a P-EBT card. If you have not received this card, it may mean that your family does not qualify. This year the USDA extended free meals to all, but this may not necessarily qualify a family for this extra financial help. If you have not been receiving this P-EBT card and you feel your family would qualify, please contact Tasha Hartley at or call (413) 685-1005. You may also send in a Free/Reduced meal application if you feel you would qualify through income. Families who qualify through income will be sent a notification letter by email or USPS as soon as possible. 

LITTLEVILLE & CHESTER KINDERGARTEN PARENTS: For Kindergarten students currently attending Littleville, there will be no school on Friday, May 14th due to Kindergarten Screening. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER (SNOW DAY) FAQ’S: If an ‘in-person’ school day needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather, the district will be moving to a “Remote Snow Day” where staff will teach all students remotely (a replacement to our Blizzard Bags). 



CURRENT SCHOOL CALENDAR: Key dates for phased return to hybrid in-person can be found on page 19 of the Full Reopening Plan here.


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