Sign-ups for Baseball and Softball are now taking place through April 19th (Season will take place pending Board of Health and School Committee Approval)  Grades 7-12 are eligible.  For 7th graders age 12 and under, Baseball and Softball are played on a larger field, so please be aware of arm strength and ability.

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Just a reminder, the MIAA has policy in regards to not having captain's practice "The MIAA does not in any way sanction, encourage, or condone "Captain's Practice" in any sport."  Therefore, there should not be any organized practice out of season, and using school grounds, even for any informal workouts,  could be seen as a violation.


All athletic schedules will be updated and posted on the MIAA website


Click here to go to MIAA website for schedules and locations 

Click here for grid schedule of winter sports (however, MIAA website is most up to date once the season starts) 

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Winter Sports Policies:

1.  If it announced that the district has cancelled all after-school activities, all sports sponsored by the district (ie. Varsity/Junior Varsity teams) games or practices are cancelled/postponed.  This includes home and away event

2.  If school is closed, all sport games/practices are cancelled.

*If there is a circumstance that may arise (such as a playoff event that cannot be rescheduled and would be played at time later in the day that would be safe to travel/host) to cause an exemption to this part of the policy, players and coaches will be notified prior to the cancellation of events*



Some information for spectators of Gateway Winter Sports:

  1.  Doors will open for spectators one-half hour before the first event of the night, due to COVID-19 restrictions, only one spectator per home athlete, no road team spectators.

  2. Please be respectful of all players, coaches, officials, staff, and other spectators .

  3. Please clean up after yourself.

  4. Cheer loud and proud, but please don’t use your cheers to obviously distract a player (for example, screaming as a player tries to shoot a foul shot).  Causing disruptions may result in removal from the game, and the ability to attend future games.

Spring Sports Postponement Policies:

The needs of spring sports are unique and provide a difficult challenge whether or not to postpone a game.  Being that the window to play all games is relatively short, it is our policy to wait as long as possible to postpone games.  Postponements are generally announced before 1:00 PM the day of a game.  Announcements are made to the students via intercom, and schedules are updated online, as well as notifications sent through the MIAA app for those who select that option, and email notifications for those who sign up on the MIAA schedule website.


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