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The Mission for the Gateway maintenance staff is to provide a clean, comfortable and safe environment for its students, faculty, staff and community.  The custodial and maintenance staff are key elements in the condition of the school district assets.  Without proper funding and training, the school district's buildings will deteriorate, having an effect on students, faculty, staff and the community.  The efforts of the maintenance and custodial staff are what make this department succeed in the goal to provide a setting of well-maintained buildings and grounds and to provide excellent customer service.  

The following is a list of Gateway's maintenance & custodial staff:


Maintenance Staff

Ed Quinn , Facilities Director - 685-1008

Bret Hartley, Maintenance/Grounds & Second Shift Supervisor- 685-1006

Head Custodians

Dennis Staples - Littleville Elementary

Bruce Saunders - Chester Elementary

Main Complex & Littleville School Custodians

Jack Baylis

Richard Cechvala

Mike D'Astous

Peter DiSantis

Casey Grant

Dennis Staples


Preventive Maintenance Plan

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is a proactive program designed to ensure on-going operations of district facilities with minimal impact to the educational environment from unforeseen equipment failures.

The PM manual contains procedures and forms for completing inspections of each school's site, building structure, roof envelope, and all classrooms and common areas.  PM forms are to be completed by the custodians, maintenance staff, or the business & finance officer. 

Completed inspection forms are to be returned to the facilities director.  The condition of each facility as well as any concerns noted on the inspection forms will be addressed.

Click here to view the Preventive Maintenance Plan.

Custodial Handbook

The custodial handbook has been designed to help guide an employees entrance into the maintenance/custodial department.  This handbook contains pertinent information such as telephone numbers, cleaning duties and other policies and procedures.

Click here to view the Custodial Handbook.

Capital Planning

The district has a long-term capital plan approved by the school committee that is subject to budgetary appropriation and town approval.

Click here to view the Capital Planning Document

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act 

This notification is required by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA, 40 CFR PART 763 OF TITLE II OF THE TOXIC SUBSTANCE CONTROL ACT). Asbestos management plans have been developed for Gateway Middle/High Schools, Littleville Elementary School and Chester Elementary School. These plans are available and accessible to the public at each building's main office as well as the Maintenance Office located at the Gateway Main Complex.  The Designated Person for Gateway Regional is Ed Quinn, Facilities Director, 12 Littleville Road, Huntington, MA 01050 (413) 685-1006.
Lead and Copper Testing
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