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Pupil Services

Special Education is intended to provide services to students who have disabilities, and who, because of those disabilities, need specially designed instruction to make effective progress in the general education program.  Special education is regulated by both state and federal law.  It is the goal of the Gateway Regional School District to make the general education environment the appropriate placement for all students, however, we provide a full continuum of services and programs to ensure that the needs of our special education students are met and that they are able to access the general education program to the greatest extent possible.  

The Gateway Regional School District Special Education Department provides a variety of programs and services designed specifically to meet the needs of our special education students.  Each student in special education has been evaluated, determined eligible by a team , and has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that details the goals, services, and placement appropriate to the student's needs.  

It is the belief of the Gateway Regional School District that all students can learn and that there are various learning styles and approaches to learning.  There is always a focus on improving teaching and learning in the classroom as a critical component of intervention, whether it be under the umbrella of special education or not.

Pupil Services Staff

Kurt Garivaltis

Director of Pupil Services

Christopher Tamburrino

Assistant Director of Pupil Services

Stephanie Conway

Pupil Services Secretary 



Destruction of Special Education Records

July 13, 2023


Notice is hereby given that Gateway Regional School District Office of Pupil Services will be destroying the special education records of students who graduated or left school in 2016.  If you or your child received special education services and you wish to obtain the special education file, please call 685-1017.  Records will be destroyed on  August 7, 2023