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Student Registration Information

Gateway Regional welcomes new student opportunities.  If you have recently moved into our district, please register using the link below

To register a New student for the  2023-2024 school year click HERE to register

For School Choice or Home School options, see the information below.


To register a New student for the 2024-2025 school year click HERE to register


School Choice

The Gateway Regional School District welcomes school choice students at all grade levels.

We offer:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities, all featuring wireless Internet access;
  • A commitment to educating the "Whole Child" - including art, music and physical education at all levels;
  • Highly Qualified teachers and paraprofessionals in all classrooms;
  • Safe learning environments and small class sizes, offering personal attention to student needs;
  • Integration of technology at all levels of district; tech devices issued to students (1 to 1) in grades K-12;
  • Health care, dental and optometry services provided in all schools through programs with Hilltown Community Health Centers, Inc.
  • The Gateway Education Foundation, which funds enhanced learning opportunities at all schools;

Chester and Littleville Elementary Schools:
Chester 23-24 Application 
Chester 24-25 Application
Littleville 23-24 Application
Littleville 24-25 Application

  • A full time principal, nurse, secretary and adjustment counselor in each school
  • Before and After School Wrap Around Program 
  • Research-proven Reading and Math Programs
  • After School Mini-Courses with fun, hands-on activities
  • STEM block (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics)

Gateway Regional Middle School:
 Middle School 23-24 Application
GRS 24-25 Application

  • Research-proven Reading and Math Programs
  • Massachusetts Model for Counseling Services
  • Teaming Concept
  • Participation in high school sports
  • Hands on, Project-Based Learning Block
  • After school programming with late bus
  • Dedicated 6th grade academy to honor students transitioning to middle school

Gateway Regional High School:
  High School 23-24 Application
GRS 24-25 Application

  • Fully accredited in 2007, with no areas of warning
  • Massachusetts Model for Counseling Services
  • On-line courses available and paid by the district
  • Chapter 74 vocational program in welding and Early Childhood Care
  • Woodworking courses available
  • Numerous extra-curricular clubs and activities, including Drama Club, Student Government, Music Ensembles, GSA, Red Cross Club 
  • Athletic programs include soccer, cross-country running, basketball, wrestling, softball and baseball
  • After school programming with late bus

Home School

The Home School/Home Education program is overseen by Stacy Stewart.  Parents considering the possibility of providing a home education for their children for part or all of their secondary school program should be aware of the following policies and procedures (view full home school policy) that govern application for and approval of home study.  Under Massachusetts law, students must attend public schools or an approved private school until the age of sixteen. Parents also have the right to provide for the education of their children, provided the proposal for such an educational program is approved by the local school system.  The following is a summary of the procedures for obtaining approval of a home education program at Gateway Regional High School. 

Parents must receive approval for a home education program from the superintendent or designee prior to the start of any school year in which they intend to provide such a program.  Programs can begin at the beginning of each semester.  The deadline for submitting proposals are August 10 for the Fall semester and January 10 for the Spring semester. 

Home School Application - 2023-2024
Home School Application - 2024-2025

If you have questions regarding home school, please call 413-685-1011.