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Employment Opportunities


Please Post                                                                        4/12/23

  Gateway Regional School District

 Specialized Tutor  

Certified teacher to tutor a 10th grade student in core classes.  Must deliver 1:1 instruction in core subjects. Ideal candidate will be a (secondary) certified Teacher and be able to provide tutoring up to 10 hours a week in order to meet the needs agreed upon by the district, family and Team.  

Send letter of interest and resume to: 

Kurt Garivaltis, PSV Director
Gateway Regional School District
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA 01050 

Deadline for Application: 04/28/23   

GRSD is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Summer Programs

Please Post                                                                                                  4/5/23

Staff for Gateway Explorers Middle School Summer Camp

Grant funded positions

 Support Staff: $25/hour
-Supervising and supporting students
-Supporting lessons
-Facilitating morning and afternoon group meeting time
-Completing professional development
-Completing grant required assessments and surveys

Special Education Teachers: $50/hour (Sped and/or Early Childhood certified preferred)
-Provide direct services to students in an inclusion setting
-Provide pull-out services when appropriate
-Working with Instructors to modify and adapt materials, instruction etc.
-Completing grant required assessments and surveys
-Completing professional development
-Communicating with families as necessary

Special Education Paras: $25/hour
-Supervising and supporting students
-Supporting lessons
-Facilitating morning and afternoon group meeting time
-Completing professional development
-Completing grant required assessments and surveys
-Paras, with 7D certification, may be asked to drive GRSD vans for transportation

Related Services Staffing Positions:

1 BCBA / Behaviorist
2 Nurse
.25 TOD

Student Hours:                                 8:30a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Student PreSchool Hours:             8:30-12:30 p.m.
Instructors/SPED Teachers:          8:00a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  (includes 1 hour of prep a day)
Support Staff/Paras:                                    8:30a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
PreSchool Teachers:                      8:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. - 3 days a week
PreSchool Paras:                             8:30a.m. - 12:30p.m. - 3 days a week   

July     10- 13
July     17 - 20
July     24 - 27
July     31 - Aug. 3
Aug.    7 - 10

If Interested:

Please send a letter of interest with a short explanation of why you are interested in that specific position.

For Non-Sped Staff Positions, Please send letters of interest to:

Martha Clark, Summer Program Coordinator
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA 01050

For SPED and PreSchool Staff Positions, please send letter of interest to:

Kurt Garivaltis, Director of Pupil Services
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA 01050


Deadline for applications:            Open until filled

GRSD is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Please Post                                                                                                    3/24/2023

Occupational Therapist    2023-2024

Minimum Qualifications:     

·         Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in occupational therapy from a school accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association
·         Licensed to practice in Massachusetts.  
·         Have excellent integrity and demonstrate good moral character and initiative.
·         Have extensive experience in working with children and adolescents.
·         Demonstrate an understanding of current rules and regulations regarding occupational therapy services in a school based setting with an understanding of state and federal regulations in special education.
·         Work in a collaborative manner with teachers, other related service providers, paraprofessionals, parents, administration and outside professionals such as physicians.
·         Strong written and oral communication skills
·         Demonstrate the ability to use electronic equipment for word processing, data management, information retrieval, visual and audio presentations, and telecommunications.
·         Provide training to small and large groups of staff regarding student needs related to occupational therapy.

Job Goals:  The Occupational Therapist provides direct services, consultation services, inclusive services, collaborates with other service providers and trains staff in the needs of students identified with occupational therapy services in the school setting. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

·         Provide occupational therapy services in the assessment of, educational planning for, monitoring of, and reevaluation of students in need of special services, in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local codes and regulations.
·         Use observation and various assessment techniques as a certified occupational therapist and conduct appropriate assessments of students in all phases of the evaluation process as related to occupational therapy in the school setting. Share findings in writing and orally with appropriate staff and family so that effective interventions and programs are provided.
·         Write IEP goals, accommodations, treatment plans and progress reports as well as maintain appropriate log of services and Medicaid records.
·         Travel to and from schools on a daily basis for services, consultations and Team meetings.
·         Monitor, provide consultation and determine whether the present educational program is the one best suited for a student’s development and make appropriate recommendations for change where indicated.
·         Attend required staff meetings, professional development trainings, and serve, as appropriate, on staff committees.
·         Complete in a timely fashion all records and reports as required by law and regulation or requested by supervisors.
·         Continue to grow professionally through collaboration with colleagues and professional growth experiences.
·          Protect confidentiality of records and information gained as part of exercising professional duties and use discretion in sharing such information within legal confines.

Send Resume and Letter of Interest to:

Kurt Garivaltis, Director of Pupil Services.
Gateway Regional School District
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA  01050

Deadline: April 6, 2023

Gateway is an EOE


Please Post                                                                                                                  3/6/2023
Social emotional/behavioral program Teacher - Special Education - Littleville  Elementary

Gateway Regional School District is looking for a dynamic special educator to join the team at Littleville Elementary. In response to the developmental needs of our students and in conjunction with the lack of appropriate local mental health services, the district is developing a new social emotional/behavioral program to appropriately meet the needs of all students and to ensure that we may provide a safe and appropriate placement in the least restrictive environment. . This position is for a highly qualified, certified special educator K-5. This professional educator will work in collaboration with the School Counselor, District Behaviorist and Pupil Services under the direction of the building Principal. The program will offer a high staff to student ratio, a behavioral motivation system and a structured, safe and predictable environment for students to learn and develop. This teacher will implement the curriculum and address the behavioral, social emotional and academic needs of students within the program. Ideal candidates will be flexible, energetic, and passionate about working with students with a variety of disabilities who demonstrate a history of not realizing meaningful progress in less restrictive settings. Many have experienced educational program disruptions due to engaging in high risk behaviors and require this level of care to be safely maintained in home school and community. This is a grant funded position.

Responsibilities include:
● Ability to create and maintain a welcoming, positive, and structured classroom climate with high expectations for each student where all students are held accountable to the motivation system and the Littleville code of conduct
● Create and deliver appropriate learning activities and experiences designed to fulfill student potential for academic,  emotional, and social growth, across all content areas in a substantially separate, therapeutic setting.
● Provide specialized instruction, modifications and accommodations to students in an inclusion setting with grade level curriculum in all content areas for students who demonstrate the ability to safely manage their behaviors.
● Implement Program-Specific behavior interventions and motivation system
● Complete evaluations, write IEPs and progress reports
● Support paraprofessionals in the program to deliver services that align with student needs and program goals and values
● Communication/Case management with parents, guardians and any involved state agencies or community based providers

● Current and valid MA license as an elementary school special educator; SEI Endorsement must be confirmed or attainable
● Certification in Students with Moderate Disabilities preferred
● Masters degree preferred
● At least two years relevant teaching experience. Experience in residential or therapeutic day programming is preferred.
● Technological expertise preferred: experience working with Google Classroom / G-Suite Apps
● Such additional qualifications as Littleville Elementary School may find appropriate and acceptable
● Citizenship, residency or work visa required

Send Resume and Letter of Interest to:
Kurt Garivaltis, Pupil Services Director
Gateway Regional School District
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA 01050

Deadline: March 20, 2023

Gateway is an EOE




Please Post           2/17/2023                                                                                  

Secondary Interventionist

The Gateway Regional School District is seeking an interventionist to work with students in grades 6-12.  This person would ideally possess reading training, and be prepared to both push into classrooms to work with groups of struggling readers and pull out groups to work on developing decoding and comprehension skills.

The ideal candidate would have experience with/the ability to: use data to make informed and targeted instructional decisions, collaborate with core content teachers to facilitate teacher teaming and support best practice regarding differentiated instruction and tier 1 supports, and implement tier 1, 2, and 3 supports both in the classroom and intervention setting.

Additional responsibilities include the scheduling, monitoring, and administration of benchmark assessments to respond to student progress in order to ensure students are making measurable growth in both mathematics and ELA.

The candidate would serve as a liaison to the district leadership team in planning literacy interventions based on student needs.  Additional support to this person would be our Tiered Support Specialist for Grades 6-12.

Teacher contract days (182) plus up to 5 per diem planning days during the summer

Certification: Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities 5-12 or Reading Specialist

Preferred or Alternate Credentials:
Reading Certification- All levels
Specific Literacy Training (Orton Gillingham, Wilson, etc.)
AVMR I and II Training (district will provide if not)
Experience with literacy instruction/intervention

Send Letter of Interest and Resume to:
Jason Finnie, High/Middle School Principal
Gateway Regional School District
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA  01050

Deadline:  Open Until Filled

GRSD is an EOE


Please Post 2/14/2023

GATEWAY REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT HAS THE FOLLOWING - These positions are on School Spring and Indeed


  Teaching Positions

-Middle/High Life Skills Teacher 
-District - Speech Pathologist 

 Send Letter to the following: 

High/Middle and District School Positions
Jason Finnie, Principal
Gateway Regional Middle/High School
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA  01050 

District Positions
Kurt Garivaltis, Pupil Services Director
Gateway Regional School District
12 Littleville Road
Huntington, MA  01050


Deadline:  open until filled

GRSD is and EOE



Gateway Regional School District- Substitutes Needed

The Gateway Regional School District is seeking substitutes at all levels. 

Please send letter of interest and resume to:  

Gateway Regional School District, Substitute Applications 12 Littleville Road, Huntington, MA  01050.  GRSD is an EOE.


Teacher substitutes:                              $130 per day (Effective 11/18/19)


Nursing Substitutes:                           $20 per hour - LPN

                                                                          $30 per hour - RN

Support Staff Substitute Rates

Custodian -                     $20.00 per hour

Food Service -                $15.00 per hour

Paraprofessional -           $15.00 per hour                               

Secretary -                      $20.00 per hour

Security -                         $20.00 per hour




For online applications and listing of jobs on School Spring click logo below


School Spring