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Outside Flyers

This page will contain informational flyers from community sources that do not "Exclusively" benefit the students of the Gateway Regional School District. Under the adopted policy 'KHF' these are "Other materials deemed by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee to be in the interest of the Gateway Regional School District educational community may be left at Central Office to be posted on the Gateway Regional School District's website in a webpage labeled "Outside Flyer/Event Information". All such postings shall be clearly labeled with the following: "The school committee does not support, condone, or in any way adopt the philisophical or ideological beliefs of the group as an official policy." The decision for posting such materials by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee is final. There is no appeal process following the school's decision."

For further information or to request flyers to be posted to this website please contact Stacy Stewart in the Central Office ( or 413.685.1011). 


Title of Flyer/Event Information    Date Posted

Gateway Regional School Committee Policy

--Reference File: KHF



Fresh Air Fund

Westfield Football and Cheer  3/13/19
Westfield Football and Cheer Recruit Night  3/13/19