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Health Servicesold

Kelly Sudnick MSN, RN
Nurse Leader
Phone: (413) 685-1203
Fax: (413) 667-3048




Theresa Brownlee MSN, BSN, RN
Middle and High School Nurse
Phone: (413) 685-1240
Fax: (413) 667-3048
Kaila Spencer BSN, RN
Chester Elementary School Nurse
Phone: (413) 685-1360

Fax: (413) 667-3048

Heather Fortier BSN, RN
Littleville Elementary School Nurse
Phone: (413) 685-1318
Fax: (413) 667-3048
Amanda Dean BSN, RN
Resource Nurse
Phone: (413) 685-1033
Fax: (413) 667-3048


Mission Statement:
Our mission is to enhance, support, and improve the overall health of students because healthy students learn.






%22Children are our most valuable asset.%22 -Herbert Hoover



Our Services:
We strive to provide exceptional care to every
one of our students. Therefore, in each of our
locations, nurses offer first aid services, health and
well-being assessments, medication administration,
and annual mandated health screenings.