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School Visitor Proccesses

These guidelines will be followed in each school in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for all students and staff.


1. There will be only one entrance to the school for the general public.  This entrance will be via the main door.


2. Visitors will be greeted and asked to register by signing into a logbook.  They will then be issued a visitor's pass, which must be worn while they remain in the building.  This pass must be returned to the office when the visitor signs out.


3. In the case of a parent wishing to pick up their child prior to the end of the school day, the parent will be required to sign a dismissal log.  The child will be released from their classroom and sent to meet the parent at the main office for dismissal.


4. In the case of any adult other than the parent wishing to pick up a child, the procedure is: a) There must be a note or previous phone call from the parent or legal guardian requesting the dismissal; b) The person must present a valid picture identification, and their name must appear on the list of adults who are permitted to pick up a student, which is filed at the beginning of each school year; c) In the case of a visitor from the Department of Social Services or other agency, picture identification from the department will be requested.


5. A file will be maintained by the main office with a listing of all current restraining orders.